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The company Papadopoulos Rent A Car has long-term experience in the car rental field, thus offering reliable services aimed at the best possible customer service and your safety. We are the best car rental company at Kythira. 


Kythira is one of the most unique islands in Greece and the Mediterranean. This beautiful island consists of clear blue water beaches, traditional villages, historical monuments and areaσ of unique nature wealth. Get to know our beautiful island with Papadopoulos Rent A Car, our company has a reliable fleet of cars. Our fleet is specially selected for the needs of travellers, satysfying every need, from intermediate cars for a few passengers, jeeps for the most daring and mini vans for small groups or large families. You can see our fleet of car and choose the one that suits you best by clicking here


At Papadopoulos Rent A Car, we have a long-term experience in the field of car rental, thus offering reliable services aimed at the best possible customer service and your safety. Our fleet is able to satisfy every need from small city cars, 4×4 for nature lovers to large family vans that accommodate up to 7 people. We also offer to our travellers 24/7 roadside assistance for anything that may arise, a free child car seat for our little friends and a free map of the island to explore its every nook and cranny. 



"Excellent customer service. Mr Andreas is waiting for you right at the Kythira port to deliver the car to you. You return it at the same place. Mr Andreas is very kind and helpful and gave us advice on what to visit. I totally recommend it."
Alessio Pantorno
"Incredible customer service with very friendly prices. Thank you very much, I will come again."
"very good customer service and excelent prices."
nik mih
"Mr Andreas has experience and a responcible opinion. Bravo!"
Maria C

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